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    Hydraulic Jack

    Hydraulic jacks, also known as oil jacks are a type of lifting equipment using a pump plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid jacking structure. The SQD series hydraulic jacks that we have developed can jack objects of 16-20 tons, with a stroke of 100-150mm. They come in multiple models including the SQD160, SQD250, SQD300, SQD350, SQD800, and SQD 1200.

    Hydraulic Jack

    Based on the load to be jacked, customers can use hydraulic jacks grouped together. That is, you can use 20 sets, 30 sets and even 80 sets of jacks at the same time. For example, we have used 80 sets of 16t hydraulic jacks and three hydraulic power packs simultaneously for the construction of 900t storage tank.

    Comparative Advantages
    Hydraulic jacks with double acting cylinders made in India can lift objects weighing 12t to 18t and come with a stroke of 100-150mm. Compared with Guoxin hydraulic jacking devices, however, they have higher cost and the quantity of jacks used for construction of the same storage tanks is higher. As an expert in hydraulic jacking equipment, our hydraulic jacks can save considerable costs for you while ensuring construction quality and efficiency.

    Technical Parameters

    Model SQD160 SQD250 SQD300 SQD350 SQD800 SQD1200
    Lifting Capacity (ton) 16 25 30 35 80 120
    Stroke (mm) 100 100 100 100 150 150
    Working Pressure (Mpa) 20 20 20 20 20 20
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