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      1. Guoxin is a diversified manufacturing company, providing a complete selection of hydraulic jacking systems, roll forming lines, and salt bath vulcanization plants. We have an excellent reputation not only because of our quality products but also due to our unmatched services and support network.

    Dongguang Guoxin Hydraulic Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Tel.: +86-317-7769383

    Fax: +86-317-8189495

    Welcome to Guoxin, a Chinese hydraulic machinery expert. We have over 20 years of experience in providing hydraulic jacking, roll forming, and salt bath vulcanizing solutions for various industries. Our flagship products include the hydraulic jacking equipment, slipform jacks, strand jack lifting systems, roll forming lines, and the salt bath vulcanization line. The hydraulic jacking systems and jacks are widely used in the power, communication, and more industries for large structure construction. Our automatic roll formers and sheet metal machinery are often found in building materials factory. Contact us now if you have any related demand.

      1. Hydraulic Power Unit

        A Hydraulic power pack is a hydraulic power unit composed of a hydraulic pump, drive motor, oil tank, and an overflow valve. They are among the series of our hydraulic jacking equipment.

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      1. Hydraulic Jack

        The SQD series hydraulic jacks that we have developed can jack objects of 16-20 tons, with a stroke of 100-150mm. They come in multiple models including the SQD160, SQD250.

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      1. Electric Hydraulic Pump

        The electric hydraulic pump, also called a electric hydraulic jack is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and electric pump unit. It is a versatile jacking system, with capabilities.

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      1. Hydraulic Slipform Jack

        There is no doubt that the usage of heavy lifting jacks greatly facilitates slip forming projects. The slip form jacking equipment that we supply is primarily used for concrete poured silo construction.

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      1. Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

        QF/YQF series hydraulic jack is widely used in electric power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static piling, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair.

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      1. Electric Pump

        The electric pump is an independent and complete hydraulic pump station, which is composed of oil pump, control valve, fuel tank, electric motor, instrument and so on.

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      1. Hydraulic Lifter

        Hydraulic lifters are suitable for use in a variety of construction fields such as hotels, banks, halls, auditoriums, shopping malls, and supermarkets. It is perfect for aerial work and maintenance in narrow places.

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      1. Hydraulic Strand Jack

        The hydraulic strand jack can handle heavy loads horizontally, vertically and angularly. Compared with other hoisting equipment of the same capacity, it is more flexible and ideal for narrow operations.

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